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What is the price of a property in Istanbul?

Posted by Majesty on September 25, 2023

The price of a house in Istanbul, like all cities in the world, depends directly on the location and age of the property, and the view of the house. In this section, we have tried to examine prices only from the angle of the location of different regions. Compared to other famous cities in the world, the price of a house in Istanbul is lower, which is why foreign investors from Iran, Iraq, Russia, and Qatar have turned to buy a house in Istanbul in recent years.


Depending on the geographical location of each region, the price of a house in each region also varies. Factors such as proximity to the city center, located along the sea, forest views, and access to public services are among the factors influencing house prices in Istanbul.

The most common question buyers ask our consultants is what is the price of an apartment in Istanbul? Unfortunately, this question is so general that there is no exact answer to it. The city is full of expensive and cheap areas, busy and quiet areas, and luxurious and old buildings.

In general, the price of an apartment in Istanbul is more reasonable than in other Turkish cities, and it has the same quality of life, profit, and rental income. The price of an apartment in Istanbul ranges from a few hundred thousand liras to several hundred thousand dollars, which makes it a great choice for buyers.

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