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Urban Transformation in Turkey

Posted by Majesty on September 25, 2023

The concept of urban transformation with the aim of becoming a city of better life, which shapes the different regions of Turkey and the development of the Turkish economy. Successful implementation of the transformation process from the creation of new jobs in the real estate sector, the whole world has turned its eyes to Turkey.


Protection of historical structures

In Turkey, especially in Istanbul, urban transformation projects sponsored by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development are overseen by experts from France and Egypt to work together to solve urban problems. The explanations of these experts about taking Turkey as a model in urbanization and the positive results of urbanization on the Turkish economy and Turkey’s leading position in the construction sector show that Turkish urban projects are observed all over the world.

Benefits of Urban Development


  • Gradual increase in living standards
  • Security, health and increasing public access to resources
  • Creating and expanding parks, green spaces and play areas for children and families
  • Minimize hazards by building earthquake-resistant buildings
  • Increasing the number of employees in the service sector
  • Increasing the number of employees in the construction sector
  • Enforcement of environmental regulations
  • Increase tourism revenues
  • Increasing the positive growth of economic indicators and its live impact on the economy
  • Increase the country’s reputation


Many foreign investors buy real estate so as not to fall behind in a thriving market.

Turkey is planning a nationwide urban plan that can preserve agricultural areas and housing and have a strong legal framework for this development. Urban transformation is not only based on construction, but also on social structure. In addition to physical transformation, urban transformation also brings with it social and human transformations. Because everything is for human beings, while these processes of transformation are provided, urban transformation is achieved through exemplary designs of architecture similar to the standard of living to which people are accustomed and maintain social relationships.

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