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Types of Title Deed in Turkey

Posted by Majesty on September 25, 2023

The identify deed of the assets or the so-called (Tapu) in Turkey is the legit file that proves the rights to very own assets in Turkey, wherein the actual property survey numbers and facts approximately the assets which includes the call of the assets proprietor, kind of assets, its region, place and others are noted, and it’s far signed and stamped with the aid of using the identify deed administration, wherein the Title Deed is being extracted from The Directorate of Land Registry, that is affiliated to the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Cities. The identify deed of the assets (Tapu) is granted to the proprietor of the assets most effective, and it isn’t always granted to any individual associated with the assets which includes the lessor, mortgagor or others, despite the fact that the proprietors of the assets are multiple individual, most effective one identify deed is granted to the assets, and the information of every individual’s percentage and percent of the assets are noted withinside the information of the identify deed. Types of Tapu in Turkey The blue agricultural identify deed and the pink identify deed for residential units (apartments- houses- villas- offices), wherein they had been separated with the aid of using shadeation in terms of the validity of the assets, is it agricultural land or land appropriate for creation, Building and actual property development. There are numerous forms of actual property identify deed in Turkey (Tapu), and they’re targeted as follows: 1- Agricultural identify deed in Turkey Or what’s referred to as the blue Tapu, that is the identify deed of agricultural lands and fields, and it offers its proprietor the proper and legitimacy to perform any agricultural paintings or to elevate poultry, cattle or the like inside this land he owns, and it offers the land proprietor the proper to farm and enjoy the plants of the land and their inheritance after him. 2- Construction and homes Tapu in Turkey It is a identify deed regularly for unbiased houses, villas, palaces, factories, hospitals, colleges and different actual property initiatives which are inside a separate constructing. In this file, the overall facts and fundamental information of the constructing are noted in complete as one unit, with out bringing up the unique information of the sections or components of the constructing. 3- Real property easements identify deed It is a identify deed acquired earlier than acquiring the whole identify deed, wherein every segment of the assets is registered separately, which includes dividing the challenge into separate sections wherein every rental represents a segment, till approval of the development is issued, wherein those actual property easement files show the possession of the identify deed holder withinside the creation to be built however now no longer but completed. After the final touch of creation and the issuance of housing approval, the identify deeds are allotted to the assets, wherein the region and range of every segment of the assets and to whom it belongs is noted, and the easement deed will become a complete identify deed. 4- Floor Easement Tapu in Turkey This identify deed is issued after at the least 70% of the development paintings of the assets has been completed, and a ground easement Tapu is needed to shield the rights of the assets proprietor. The ground easement Tapu is the file acquired to show that the proprietor has a proper in a selected ground of the constructing, and via it The Land Registry Office in brief states that the whole constructing become built according with constructing codes. 5- Turkish Title Deed These are documents that fully record the ownership of the property after construction is complete, with separate sections assigned to the building and each section having its own right to prove ownership of the owner of the title deed. A certificate will be issued. This deed states the type of land, its number, the location of the building, and the percentage of the building’s land.

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