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Top 5 Things you need to do before buying House

Posted by Majesty on September 25, 2023

1. The Neighbourhood: Choosing a modern neighborhood has a beautiful structure and easy access. The structure of a neighborhood is the first thing that is seen and is considered by everyone in buying and selling a house.

To do this, just look at different images from different angles of your desired neighborhood to choose the best option.


2. Building safety status: Paying attention to the stability and resistance of the building structure against natural disasters, etc. is a very important part, so in recent years, the tendency to buy zero houses has increased.

Part of the city of Istanbul is located on a fault, rigid contracts are set up to ensure the security of the building.

Along with increasing the quality of life and more facilities that are created for a more comfortable life. Having a growth and development plan dramatically increases the value of your home and makes buying a home a successful purchase and investment in the medium and long term.


3. Access to public transport: In choosing a suitable neighborhood, you must pay attention to the fact that proximity to the public transportation system is very important.

So try to choose a neighborhood where the public transportation system is abundant. And it has very desirable and convenient transportation facilities.

Public transportation does not mean just buses. The existence of metro and train stations along with a strong and powerful taxi system is also very important.


4. welfare amenities: Access to amenities is important for everyone

A good neighborhood without recreational and tourism facilities is not a very good offer. From leisure and entertainment centers to nature and beautiful and diverse parks, there are facilities that should be expected from a good and suitable neighborhood.

In choosing your neighborhood, make sure that there are several beautiful and suitable parks and various entertainment and tourism centers in your neighborhood.


5. Peace and comfort: As mentioned in the previous cases, it is very important to pay attention to the crowded streets, neighborhoods, alleys and when visiting the property. If you are a relaxed person and you are looking for a place you can return to from a busy day, be sure to note that the streets of the city center are the busiest areas.

So the best option for buying your house is out of town or independent projects or villas, also for people who like crowded neighborhoods, city centers and neighborhoods close to shopping malls are ideal.

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