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Symbols of Istanbul

Posted by Majesty on September 25, 2023

1. Authentic Turkish coffee: Turkish coffee is a very delicious hot drink, coffee is basically a very lovely bean that is obtained from a genus of flowering plants of the Ronasian family that grows in the tropics. This plant has white and fragrant flowers that are very similar to jasmine flowers.

Turkish coffee is originally called coffee in the present style. The Turkish people are very fond of coffee, so drinking coffee is a daily habit of the Turkish people.

2. Mouth-watering Turkish delight: If we want to introduce Lokum, we must say that it is a traditional Turkish dessert that is prepared with condiments, dried fruits, water, sugar, starch, lemon essence, rose, flour, and so on. The origins of this dish go back to the 15th century in Turkey when the people of this country made this delicious dessert and then sent it to other parts of the world. This issue has caused us to see the emergence of different lukums today and people

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