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Experiences in Istanbul

Posted by Majesty on September 25, 2023

Eat Islak Hamburger (Steamed Burger) in Taksim: The best food to end a crazy night is a steamed burger. Later in the night, you will see a crowd of people, especially in front of the small restaurants selling islak burger in Taksim.


Drink Coffee in Beyoğlu: If you’re curious about the Stunning Beyoğlu street culture of Istanbul, we strongly suggest you walk around these streets and stop for a coffee or a dessert.


Eat Balik Ekmek (Grilled Fish Sandwich) in Eminonu: Grilled fish is placed between bread and served with onions and greens. Your journey of magnificent flavor begins at the first bite of balik ekmek. Locals know the best-grilled fish place to eat.


Eat Cig Kofte: Bulgur, onions, garlic, tomato and pepper paste, oil, salt and pepper are used in this delicious food, raw minced meat is also used. Raw ground beef is not cooked on the fire, cooked with the effect of bitter spices and kneading.


Drink Tea in Front of The Pierre Loti View: Pierre Loti Hill is the most beautiful point from which to enjoy views of the Golden Horn. The region is called Pierre Loti Hill in memory of French writer Julien Viaud, who adopted Istanbul as his second home.


Eat Kokorec in Çengelköy: This delicious food is made with special meat: small intestine of sheep. This meat is cleaned by a special process. Then it is cooked on the grill. first-order a quarter of bread. Add tomatoes and salt and thyme as spices.


Eat Baklava: Baklava is prepared by the master, baked in the oven, and then served. The oven is located in the baklava store so you’re guaranteed freshness, If you tell them that you will take baklava to your country when purchasing, you can have them packed accordingly. Since some sealed packages may be aged, taste, and have packed the product you want. You will lose yourself while tasting the baklava.

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